When Wolves Become One
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When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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*Active* Shattered Alley [Cat RP] Coolte20
M|1 F|4
King Quinton | Queen– potentially searching
Duke– open
Earls– open

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M|3 F|3
Searching for King| Queen Seren
Duke– open
Earls– open


 *Active* Shattered Alley [Cat RP]

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PostSubject: *Active* Shattered Alley [Cat RP]   *Active* Shattered Alley [Cat RP] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 3:55 pm

*Active* Shattered Alley [Cat RP] Adf4bcf9-4d76-40c8-b651-4405b0a5835d_zps3cbc252e

Welcome to Shattered Alley! We are a realistic domestic feline role play. In the Summer of Year 1 a destructive tornado ravaged the isolated village of Foxcroft killing many of the humans, the rest fled never to return. Now the house cats and alley cats are faced with a challenging future. They have to try to adapt to living wild and fending off feral cats or perish. Come join the fight today!

Nothing is as it was, the village has been torn apart. Everything the house cats knew is gone. Now I ask you, do you have what it takes to make it in a land where everything has been turned upside down?

What we offer:
  • Create your own Colony or Band of cats
  • Wage war on your enemies
  • Friendly members and staff
  • A wonderful shop for all that you need

- Home -

- Rules -

- Our Past -

- Character Form -
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*Active* Shattered Alley [Cat RP]
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